Quality policies

The quality of our products has to comply with criteria set by a number of different sources, such as effective legislation and regulations, customers’ expectations and food safety standards. We strive to never let our performance fall below the level expected from us by even the slightest measure.

By performing their responsibilities with best manufacturing and hygiene practices as well as food safety and environmental standards in mind, our employees ensure that our products are safe to consume at all times. Our products are made and delivered under controlled conditions with regular monitoring. Food production and delivery are rendered safe and lawful by the implementation of the HACCP system.

ELSÕ MAGYAR PÉKPONT-RENDSZER KFT. aims to satisfy customers’ expectations and protect their health to the furthest possible extent by producing safe merchandise of consistently good quality, while adapting to changing market demands and conducting its business operations in an ethical manner.

To achieve these aims, our objectives are:

• HACCP-compliance;
• Flexibility, competitiveness;
• The reduction of internal non-compliance;
• Meeting 100% of our deadlines;
• Efforts made to minimize customer complaints;
• Constant development of our work environment and technological conditions, the protection of the environment at a high level;
• Results kept at a level enabling long term innovative development;
• Company management considering regular hygiene, work and fire safety trainings, as well as opportunities of and support for professional development provided to employees imperative upon themselves;
• Uninterrupted monitoring of our suppliers and subcontractors with communication channels they can use conveniently, and involving them in the continuous development process.

Being aware of the fact that their own future is tied to that of ELSÕ MAGYAR PÉKPONT-RENDSZER KFT, each and every one of our workers commits themselves to make an effective contribution to the implementation of our food safety policies and goals through their activities, as well as a conscious effort to obtain and persistently improve the knowledge necessary to do so.