Company history

15 years of Elsõ Magyar Pékpont-rendszer Kft.

Our company has been manufacturing a wide range of baker’s delicacies and breads produced in a special process for 15 years now.

We launched our operations in May, 1997, in a rented building of no more than 240 square meters, which originally functioned as a factory cafeteria kitchen. During the years that followed, space limitations forced us to make a lot of compromises; one of our automatic production lines, for example, spent a long time packed up, waiting to be installed, as it simply did not fit into the manufacturing area.

With our unique manufacturing process and the services provided to our customers it didn’t take long before products appeared everywhere in Hungary, from Hegyeshalom (Northwestern Hungary) to Fehérgyarmat (Northeastern Hungary).

Satisfying growing demand necessitated a significant step, which was also a milestone in our development. In January, 2004 we moved to a new location in Szigetszentmiklós. Within the framework of a greenfield investment, we built a production plant of nearly 2000 square meters, where our team of more than 100 employees works with modern technology, in compliance with strict food safety, quality assurance (HACCP, BRC) and manufacturing standards. Without their loyalty and professional dedication we wouldn’t be able to operate successfully.

Our sales revenue has been steadily increasing ever since the company was founded, indicating an unwavering confidence in our products.
Our special technology (a process of ready-baked, fast-frozen goods) translates into considerable savings in time and energy for our partners, as the on-display ovens of the sales area bake the products from the deep-freeze containers ready in no more than 2 to 10 minutes. The olfactory and visual effect they make forcefully attracts customers to make purchases.

The “ready-baked fast-frozen” technology preserves the quality of the products, which will remain fresh for several hours, with minimal weight loss as compared to products made using other technologies. Another noteworthy advantage is the fact that they require no leavening. Thus, preparation for sale – heating up – never takes more then 10 minutes, and customer demand can always be responded to without shortages, flexibly adjusted to changes in sales volume rates. This flexibility also minimizes the amount of unsold goods in the counter at closing time, while enabling an acceptable choice offered up to the last fifteen minutes.

Besides our local market, our products are also distributed in Romania and Slovakia. In Hungary, sales are made at our own retails units, in food retail networks (SPAR, CBA, COOP, REÁL, AUCHAN), independent partners and various segments of Horeca.

Pain Paillasse

PAILASSE – hand-made specialty with a unique aroma!
PAILLASSE is “more than just bread”, and is manufactured by more than 1200 bakeries of varying sizes in 14 European countries, in line with the unique recipe, process and philosophy of a Swiss baker, Aimé Pouly. For Pouly – who is unfortunately no longer with us – the number one priority was making healthy delicacies from natural ingredients, applying traditional methods. Being committed to these principles ourselves, we do our best to maintain the position this exceptional kind of bread duly deserves in the Hungarian market.

As usual with successful products, there are many attempts to sell knock-off imitations of the original. This is why PAILLASSE breads are sold at our partners with their own marking, so that customers can be assured of buying “the real thing”.

We have held the exclusive right to make and distribute them in Hungary and Central-Europe since 2009. In our national market, this speciality – available in 8 different flavors – is provided to our customers at SPAR, Auchan, Tesco, CBA stores as well as stores operated by our smaller, independent partners.

PAILLESSE is currently offered in white, brown, rustic, olive, Mexican, onion, spelt and whole-wheat flavored varieties, in 4 sizes (30g, 100gr, 150gr, 300gr).  PAILLASSE owes its special aroma to nothing but natural ingredients, it contains no flavor enhancers or other artificial additives. 

The product has found popularity with followers of the health-conscious lifestyle movement in Western Europe, and increasingly also in Eastern Europe. With increased demand justifying the expansion of our production capacities related to the PAILLASSE product family,
our Kétegyháza site has been modernized with financial support from the EU, including the creation of new jobs and professional training. Offering premium quality bakery products to customers with a taste for healthy delicacies is one of the cornerstones of our business philosophy.

The combined capacity of our two production facilities satisfies the demands of both the national and the export markets.

For the continued success of our work, it is quintessential that we are guided by the following considerations:


Strict adherence to these four key concepts and self-monitoring our compliance with them guarantee our future development.

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