„Project number KMOP 1.2.1-09/A-2009-0402 has been realized with co-financing from the European Union, with the participation of MAG (Magyar Gazdaságfejlesztési Központ Zrt., Hungarian Center for Economic Development Ltd.).”

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Identifier: KMOP 1.2.1-09/A-2009-0402

Project name: Bakery industry technological development

Project description:

The company’s primary activity is the production and distribution of ready-baked, fast-frozen goods.
We are continuously expanding our product range, our customers currently have a choice of nearly 100 kinds of products.

The company owns a special technology, which in essence consists of fast freezing products in a so-called shock chamber immediately after they are removed from the oven, thus preventing molecular water-loss, aging and drying processes. Next, packaged products are placed in deep-freeze containers at -20 °C. The process enables us to give a quality guarantee of several months. Manufacturing takes place at a 1400 square meter site in the company’s own possession, in compliance with strict quality and technological standards. We adapt our operations to market demands with continuous developments, which is why we need to add the following equipment to our machinery assets and technology:

Anna convection overn;

Elena baking oven;

H-400 packaging foil heat sealer;

Shock chamber;

Technological water-cooler;

Electronic hybrid warehouse weighing scale;

Setter-holder trolley for Elettro Real BE 4c 15,3 type multiple-hearth furnaces;

Baking trays for Elettro Real BE 4c 15,3 type multiple-hearth furnaces;

Baking tray cleaner, type S60;

Nissan PSH 160 forklift;

Shock freezing cooling equipment;

The machinery to be purchased consists of well-known, commonly used devices, with a one year warranty from the suppliers and servicing needs provided for.

Name of beneficiary: Elsõ Magyar Pékpont-rendszer Kft.

Name of participating organization:

MAG Zrt. www.magzrt.hu

Nemzeti Fejelsztési Ügynökség (National Development Agency) www.nfu.hu

Identifier: DAOP 1.1.1/E-10-2010-0016

Project name: Kétegyháza Bakery manufacturing plant expansion

Project number DAOP 1.1.1/E-10-2010-0016 has been realized with support from the European Union, with the participation of Dél-Alföldi Regionális Fejlesztési Ügynökség (Dél-Alföld Regional Development Agency).

Project description: sajtokozlemeny_pekpont.pdf

Name of beneficiary: Elsõ Magyar Pékpont-rendszer Kft.

Name of participating organization:

DARFÜ (Dél-Alföldi Regionális Fejlesztési Ügynökség, Dél-Alföld Regional Development Agency)

Identifier: KEOP 5.3.0/A/09-2010-0055

Project name: Waste heat recovery

Project number KEOP 5.3.0/A/09-2010-0055 has been realized with support from the European Union, within the framework of Környezet és Energia Operatív Program (“Environment and Energy” Operative Program), with the participation of Energia Központ Nonprofit Kft. (Energy Center Non-profit Ltd).


KEOP 5.3.0/A/09-2010-0055 Waste heat recovery

The subject matter of the project is the (waste) heat generated by the application of so-called shock equipment, which is an integral part of production technology – the heat is currently released into the environment without utilization.

A heat recovery solution, making it possible to partially cover the building’s energy needs with the heat generated, while leaving the applied technological process intact, has presented itself:

A liquid-cooled condenser has been built in series in front of the air-cooled condenser of the cooling machines’ cooling circuit; the former condenser takes up heat energy from the hot gas leaving the air-cooled condenser when the heat exchanger liquid is circulated with a pump.


1. The heating for the building and the utility hot water supply are provided by a gas boiler burning liquid PB gas. Cooling energy requirements entailed by the technology are provided by a refrigerator unit for each cooling chamber, placed outside the building’s walls, powered by electricity. According to results obtained by comparing the present and the planned condition, as indicated in the building power engineering calculations based on the energy requirements set by the building’s heating and utility hot water needs, as well as the gains achievable through the planned waste heat recovery, the planned investment would decrease the primary energy needs of the facility.

Name of beneficiary: Elsõ Magyar Pékpont-rendszer Kft.

Name of participating organization:  Energia Központ Nonprofit Kft. (Energy Center Non-profit Ltd)

Project number TAMOP 2.1.5-07/1-2007-0191 has been realized with support from the European Union, with the financing from the European Social Fund.

Project name: TAMOP 2.1.5-07/1-2007-0191 “Development of work safety and management culture, enhancement of IT skills, obtaining active English language competence at Pékpont Kft.”

Project description:

The trainings to be realized to increase the efficiency of our operations serve two purposes. On the one hand, we would like to ensure our compliance with the stringent quality, environmental and work safety rules set by customers and authorities, on the other, we wish to improve our results by developing the professional language skills of trade employees, while also increasing our efficiency and gaining better access to new markets and sources by perfecting the leadership skills of our managers.

Our company has recognized the requirement for constant adaptation set to employees and enterprises alike by changes in the economy and the labor market. Hungary’s economy can maintain its competitiveness only if it helps workers – its most important resource – to obtain the competitive, up-to-date expertise they need to be able to fulfill the expectations of companies and the ever newer and newer technological innovations.

Whether or not employees have the opportunity to constantly improve their knowledge and skills is a key factor of companies’ competitiveness. This is why it is important for employers to see employee trainings as an investment with a high return, just like we, the managers of Elsõ Magyar Pékpont Kft. do.

By reducing the number of missed workdays and additional costs entailed by sick leaves and accidents, we gain a direct profit from the knowledge obtained at the trainings we organize. The indirect profits of trainings are gained through their role as proof of compliance with legislations for the purposes of competent authority control, and the general welfare of our employees.

Thus, trainings held for our employees not only improve the efficiency of our company, but the success of individuals at the present and later stages of their carriers is also ensured by the modern knowledge of European quality they obtain.

We have participated in the following trainings:

Implementation of work safety at the organizational level: 43 persons;

Development of management culture: 8 persons;

English language skills development training: 10 persons;

IT training: 2 persons.

Name and contact details of beneficiary: Elsõ Magyar Pékpont Kft.

Name and contact details of participating organization: Európai Szociális Alap Kht. (European Social Fund)
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