Terms and conditions of joining our VIP partner program

VIP partners

From Hegyeshalom (Northwestern Hungary) to Fehérgyarmat (Northeastern Hungary) we are working with nearly 600 partners offering our cakes and breads at more than 1000 sales points.

With many of them, we entered into VIP Partnership Contracts in order to make our cooperation even more successful, creating a framework of conditions within which our joint work can be much better integrated and given a long term perspective.

Our aim is to make this new kind of business relationship more beneficial to both parties than the general supply contract-based supplier-client relationship. Briefly put, this means that our VIP partners agree to sell exclusively Pékpont products and – in the course of a few months of rising time – reach a mutually accepted level of sales.

To ensure full commitment from both parties, VIP Partnership Contracts are based on the following conditions:

- The prospective Partner pays a contract entry fee of HUF 300 000;
- Pékpont-rendszer Kft. gives a 15% discount on the prices listed for products originating from its own facilities at the time of each sale, and provides the Partner with the items below, in order to enable the latter to appropriately handle and represent goods:

  •               Showcase, size 120;
  •               Baking oven, size 60 by 60, 2 pieces where necessary;
  •               Oven stand or leavening box;
  •               Freezer box;
  •               Shop decoration;
  •               Initial stock fill-up.
Based on our experiences with contracts signed with the provisions above, we can confidently recommend the cooperation outlined here to you.